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Mrs. Lauren Bahns   Class PreK 3-AM
Mrs. Lauren Bahns     Class PreK 3-PM
Mrs. Lauren Bahns     Class PreK
 Ms. Erica Vitale Class PreK 3-3F
 Mrs. Lauren Bahns          Class PreK 3-5F
 Mrs. Lisa Spensieri Class PreK 4-3F
 Mrs. Kristina D'Ambrosio Class PreK 4-5F
Mrs. Nicole Plaza Class PreK
Ms. Michelle Jackowitz Class
 Mrs. Tracy Kramer Class K-2
 Mrs. Dana Rodriguez Class 1-1
 Mrs. Kristin Goldstein Class 1-2
 Ms. Angela Revello Class 2-1
 Ms. Caitlin Meagher Class
 Ms. Sarah Farrell Class 3-1
 Mrs. Carolyn Twohig Class 3-2
 Mrs. Kerry Minucci Class 4-1
Ms. Victoria Milata Class

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 Mrs. Laura Treacy Class
 Mrs. Jane Olving Class 5-2
Mrs. Patricia Molloy Class 6-1
 Mrs. Jennifer Bogart Class 6-2
 Mrs. Andrea Continanzi Class 7-1
 Mrs. Meghan Vautrinot Class 7-2
 Mrs. Maureen Miller Class 8-1
 Mrs. Judy Kneeshaw Class 8-2
 Mrs. Mary Lee Science Grades 7/8
 Mr. Salvatore Martorano Technology Grades 5 - 8
 Mrs. Amanda Barricella Music PreK - 6

 Mrs. Theresa Signorile, Principal
 Mrs. Denise Olsen, Asst. Principal
 Mrs. Michele Twomey, Asst. Principal
 Mrs. Lucille Mester, Secretary (PreK)
 Mrs. Angela Contino, Secretary (K - 8 )