Science Enrichment

F.I.R.S.T. LEGO League Junior 

A team-building experience for students in Grade 4

St. Clare Junior LEGO Engineers are transforming the world one LEGO at a time!

2016-17 Theme – Creature Craze

Cost $250

Swing like a monkey, fly like a bat, or hop like a frog into the FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. CREATURE CRAZESM season. Whether in zoos, on the farm, or in your own back yard, we all encounter animals in our lives. 

In the 2016-2017 CREATURE CRAZE Challenge, over 40,000 children will dive into the wonders of the animal kingdom. What will you learn about our furry, feathered, and finned friends?

***Student Orientation and Parent Meeting - Monday, September 19***

Students will meet from 2:30-4 – Parent Meeting from 4-4:30

***Regular sessions start September 26***

Students will meet 2:30-4:30 each Monday through December  to create their models, posters, presentations.

We will be regrouping in the new year to prepare for a school and citywide showcase.

Team Meetings

  • Building sessions: Mondays – 2:30-4:30
  • Dates: Sept. 19 (w/parent meeting at 4), Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 17, 24, Nov. 4, 14, 21, 28, Dec. 5,12,19
  • Regrouping sessions/presentation practice –tenatively  Jan. 9 and 24 (TBD)
  • Showcases: St. Clare robotics project showcase will be the night of Feb. 1 at school. There will also be a citywide – TBD

Download the flyer attached below for more information.

Environmental Teams

ELF Team (ELF stands for Environmental Leaders Fellowship for Grades 7-8)
Globetrotters (Grades 5-6)

These two programs are suited for those who like the outdoors and nature. Both these teams operate in much the same way. Their meetings days are mainly Wednesdays, but often they alternate with one group meeting one week and the other going the next week. There are also times the two groups intermesh and meet together. Sometimes we schedule sessions on other days if we need more time to work on projects or do special monitoring projects. The schedule will be noted on the registration flyer.

The programs run all year with all kinds of field experiences as well as lab sessions for
special training and project work. We have a partnership with the educational department at Clay Pit Ponds and we do have field visits there in fall and spring. We also try to schedule classes with the National Park Service rangers. When off site, parents must provide own transportation. The off-site sessions run from 3:30-5 to give parents time to get their children there. If a session is held in the lab after school, we will meet after school until 4:30.

The team project reflects our work in the field and is usually showcased at Ecology Day which is held in the Staten Island Mall in spring. The children present their work and sometimes even perform. In the field they will be required to keep field journals. This project/showcase and the field work are graded and are used as a science fair project grade.

The teams also get involved in other service events such as citizen science projects involving eel, oyster, horseshoe crab, and trout monitoring as well as community cleanups and even water stop assistance at the Martin J. Egan Memorial Run in spring. The ELF team members are also expected to serve as leaders in regular Science class and with the Globetrotters when we do environmental work since the ELF team will already be trained in many of the protocols.

The fee for this year-round program is $300 and includes t-shirt and materials, off-site
program fees. Sweatshirts are optional for extra fee.

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Denise Olsen,
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